Quick Answer: How Do I Prepare For NAAC Accreditation?

What is the minimum grade for NAAC accreditation?

“A grade qualifier is kept for the institution on qualify for valid accreditation.

In order to qualify for any Grade (C to A++) Institution needs to score at least 1.51 CGPA aggregated score (quantitative and qualitative) in each criterion”..

Which is better NAAC or UGC?

UGC is University Grants Commission whereas NAAC is National Assessment and Accreditation Council. UGC approves a College or University whereas NAAC accredits the programs offered in the University or institute. NAAC is an accreditation body, which comes under the University Grants Commission of India.

What is the validity of NAAC accreditation?

FIVE / SEVEN yearsThe accreditation status awarded by NAAC is valid for a period of FIVE / SEVEN years as communicated in the Certificates issued.

What is the purpose of NAAC?

The NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL (NAAC) conducts assessment and accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) such as colleges, universities or other recognised institutions to derive an understanding of the ‘Quality Status’ of the institution.

How do I raise my NAAC score?

How Can You Improve Your NAAC Ranking?Realize their achievements.Analyze the internal work challenges.Work for continuous progress & quality education.

Which is better NBA or NAAC accreditation?

There is a major difference between NAAC and NBA. National Board of Accreditation (NBA) accredits technical programmes/ courses such as engineering and management programmes, while NAAC accredits general universities and colleges.

Which criterion carries the maximum weightage in the case of university?

Internal quality assurance, faculty empowerment, financial resource management, strategy development, all comes down to this criterion. The maximum weightage while the A&A for this criterion given by the NAAC is: 100 (- for Universities, Affiliated institutions and autonomous institutions).

What is the benefit of NAAC accreditation?

Detailed Benefits of NAAC Accreditation for Institutions NAAC accreditation helps the higher learning institutes to know its strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses through an informed review process. NAAC identifies the internal areas of planning and allocation of resources.

How do I prepare for NAAC inspection?

Preparing criteria wise reports….Preparing students list according to gender,region,nationality and their CGPAs.Displaying list of experiments in labs & Lab timetable in labs.Arranging suggestion/Complaint book(box) and files consisting inputs and solutions.Grievance cell formation and file maintenance.More items…

Who can apply for NAAC?

The two primary eligibility criteria for institutions to apply for NAAC Accreditation are:The Institution must have at least two batches of graduated students.The age of the Institution must be 6 years or above.

How do you face NAAC peer team?

How Can Colleges Be Prepared for NAAC Peer Team Visit?The basic steps towards getting accredited successfully is to prepare your institution for NAAC peer team visit. … The SSR to be submitted must be in a particular format and structure and must include a cover letter, executive summary, institution’s profile, criteria-wise report along with inputs from every department.More items…•

How do I become NAAC accredited?

NAAC Accreditation processHEIs registration in the NAAC website.Institutional Information for Quality Assessment (IIQA)SSR submission on acceptance of IIQA (On rejection, an institute has 2 attempts to RESUME the IIA form within 1 year)Proceed to Data Validation & Verification (DVV) process and Pre-qualifier Score.More items…•